Delicious pudding cake

Delicious pudding cake A treat! Ingredients & recipes: www.leckerschmeck … #rezepte #cake #cake #pudding Source by leckerschmecker

Low Carb biscuits from the roll: the basic dough

This recipe for low carb cookies really has a tremendous variety. You can combine the cookie dough with all sorts of ingredients of your choice and get in a jiffy delicious, homemade low carb biscuits to your taste. Today I'll show you 7 variations of dough variations for the low carb biscuits. Source by katalyn1905

Soft gingerbread

Simple gingerbread recipe | Baking makes you happy Source by patcep

Kids chocolate liqueur without egg

Children's chocolate liqueur without egg, a great recipe from the category residual use. Ratings: 63. Average: Ø 4.5. Source by goldschmankerlfoodblogmore

Frankfurt wreath cuts

The recipe is simply bomb … I've been baking it more often … Even first freezing is not a problem, after thawing it tastes like freshly baked Ingredients For the dough: 5 egg (s) 250 g sugar 250 g flour 125 ml water, lukewarm 125 ml oil 1 tbsp. baking powder 1 tbsp. vanilla sugar…